Boost Up the Email Marketing ROI


Boost Up the Email Marketing ROI Posted on : January 3, 2022

Based on reports from several researching (such as: 70 email marketing stats), every single US dollar that invested into email marketing, the return value will be 40 US dollar. The ratio will be 1 to 40 and this is a shocking result for business owner. We strongly believe that many organisation has achieved this target goal, and some has even reached far beyond the target. Before we ever set the target return on investment (ROI), we must get know more about the mechanism of email marketing and how we are able to implement it effectively.

For assessing the email marketing campaign cost and profit in return, it does not required any sophisticated formulae for business owner to calculate or measure. However, the most important part is not about the costing numbering, whereas, the client interests is crucial fact that email marketing campaign target for. Below are summarises of several key factors for increasing ROI on email marketing.


Send to the Right Target Audience?

Right target group is one of very crucial factors, there are many company do not categorise the email listing in target group, and the email analytic result of the email campaign will be very saddening. The fact we must accept is not every single person in the email list is interested your product or services. For instance, most of the email subscriber are not in need of your products or services, or they signing-up the email subscription mainly interested only on the content.

Categorise the email group according to subscriber behaviour is very essential, furthermore we might need to get know where the email subscriber source coming from, for instance, product page, blog section, or services page. Hence, the first step of setting up an email marketing campaign is categorise your target audience. This could effectively bring the right message to the right people - either is existing client or new client.


What is the selling point?

Many people are crawling idea hardly from their mind for creating new email marketing campaign series content, like a series of email marketing of total 3 emails which send once a week. Many of typical email marketer, there will have problem of repeating similar content on each email. Some even making the landing page content same as the email content. As a result, this could lead the email subscribers to have feeling of boredom, and they are not willing to read through the email content, worse come to worse, they unsubscribe from the email list.

Therefore, we as email marketer must think twice about the content before sending out an email marketing series. Have you set the right selling/key point in your email? Besides, the sending email interval period is important too, if the first email marketing outcome is not as expected, we might need to figure out and restructure the email content.

Setting selling point on email marketing could get you more understanding on subscriber reading perception and behaviour as well. For example, if you are selling personal computer, you can categorise the email series theme into entertainment, working and learning. Ideally, you can analyse the blasted email result open rate or CTR based on categorised and you target marketing more on the active group.


Is your landing page setup correctly?

Landing page from email marketing is another crucial fact on ROI. Many of email marketing failed is because they lead the subscribers to wrong direction and subscribers have lost their interests with misleading content.

The factors for building a landing page that we need to consider are page loading speed and the content. A slow page loading speed will lead a failed click through action (CTA), ideally the page must be loaded within 3 seconds, in order to grab subscriber attention instantly.

Secondly, the content of the landing page must be very precise and focus about the subject of the email marketing content. Otherwise people will be easily get distracted with complex content, a great wrong-doing example is linking the email marketing to a website home page which consist of other non-relevant things.



In a nut shell, we as an email marketer should apply above methods into our email marketing strategy effectively. Please be noted, there are many channels people could make subscription, such as website, email, portal, social media and etc. Perhaps, you must understand the application of email subscriber of different channels in order to plan the blasting strategic and target goal to archive better ROI result.