How to Build an EDM Marketing Campaign in 8 Steps


How to Build an EDM Marketing Campaign in 8 Steps Posted on : August 9, 2022

How to Build an EDM Marketing Campaign in 8 Steps

Step 1: Choose an email service provider

When choosing a network service provider, you need to consider product price and service range.

Step 2: Build your list

Before send EDM, you need a email list (Email subscription database). You may collect from website inquiry forms, newsletter subscription forms on blog sites, your invoice or billing email address, surveys or webinars.

Step 3: Segment your list

Email address grouping will help you target your audience.

Step 4: Create your campaign step

Step 5: Test your campaign step

Step 6: set up autoresponders

We often send emails to subscribers: welcome emails, renewal reminder emails, etc. Every time a group email is sent, we always receive some replies quickly, no one can reply in seconds, and these replies are all automatic replies from the mailbox or EDM system. These email content is mostly templated: For Example like “hello, the email has been received, will reply as soon as possible”.

The email service provider provides the “automatic reply” function, mainly to meet the needs of a specific group of people: people who cannot normally check emails due to vacations, travel, etc., especially those who work in the workplace.

step 7: track the results step

Step 8: leverage data to run complimentary marketing campaigns

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